Strategize. Imagine. Build.


ML Group is a full service design and development firm offering comprehensive implementation and consulting services related to real estate development and asset management.


We seek to continually raise expectations by crafting memorable environments that redefine the user experience, with emphasis on comfort, luxury, and wit. Bringing a broad-minded and progressive approach to every project, we have a diverse range of activity in healthcare, contract, and residential sectors.

We understand that an environment is experienced through the total consideration of both tangible and intangible attributes, including brand perception, geographic location, exterior facade, landscaping, signage, and interiors.





From concept to completion, we are a core partner in the development process. An Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method of collaborative communication provides value added benefits and maximizes efficiencies through all project phases.

Leveraging our broad relationships and deep experience within the industry, our dynamic team of project managers, construction professionals, and designers create a realm of service offerings including:

  • Project Advisory and Leadership Consulting
  • Project and Program Management
  • Condition Assessments and Capital Expenditure
  • Building Design and Interior Design
  • General Contracting and Construction Management

Asset Management

Our experience and expertise makes us invaluable in the entire infrastructure asset management process. Whether it be commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, or replacing of physical and infrastructure assets, we provide the highest level of service with intelligent decisions that consider a myriad of factors, with the long-term investment and value for our clients paramount.